Evan Townsend's L’art est inutile rentrez chez vous, digital print, 8”×11”, 2010

So this class has come to an end and so has the life of this blog…. but consider it our archive of a class gone well.  Check out some of the class work here and feel free to continue following any of our artists. Thanks!


Lilly McElroy, a conceptual artists from Los Angeles, will be speaking at ETSU tonight from 5:00pm-6:15pm in Ball Hall’s Auditorium.  Hope you can make it out for it even if it is the last week of class.

Check out her website here.

70 Million Video


70 million video stills

70 million by Hold Your Horses! Music Video Stills

70 Million by Hold Your Horses! Video

… and they say aren’t trying to be academic…  Anyway, it may be fun to check out if you haven’t had a chance to yet.

and here’s a little art history lesson to go along with it: hold-your-horses-name-that-painting

SUSY OLIVEIRA, "Centre of your world", 2009, c-prints on archival card and foamcore, 36 x 24 x 4 inches

Our final Critique will begin on Wednesday 4/28.  We will conclude this crit, go over our “non-fixed destination” blogs, and you will turn in your disc with image narrative for our final exam: MONDAY, 5/3, 3:50pm-5:50pm.

Be sure to review all artist blogs up to this point prior to our discussion of them… https://etsuartprojections.wordpress.com/artistblogs/

Assignment #6: Assemblage Open Project

The objective of this class was for you to use the computer as a tool for making art… but for this assignment you asked to integrate other art making tools as well.  The concept behind the project, size, display, etc. is open but various medias must find their way to integration through your own unique genius….

Deadlines: Wednesday 4/28, the last full day of class

Standards and Guidelines from the College Art Association

Action Word Websites (There are plenty of these one line to help you get started with your resumes, but here’s a few…)

http://www.quintcareers.com/action_skills.html, http://www.seekingsuccess.com/articles/art110.php, http://jobsearch.about.com/od/resumes/a/actionverb.htm

Exhibition Calls for Entry, etc. Links (please post any others you find helpful by commenting on this post, Thanks!):

http://www.collegeart.org/opportunities/,   http://www.artshow.com/juriedshows/ http://www.artdeadlineslist.com/,

Considering further study in the arts?… relatively recent food for thought articles:

“Higher Education” by Carly Berwick (in Art in America, March 2010, pp. 59-64)

“The Currency of Practice: Reclaiming Autonomy for the MFA” from round table panel discussion at CAA conference 2007 (in Art Journal, Spring 2009, pp.40-57)

Image Narratives


Assignment #5: CD of Artworks with Image Narrative

You will turn in a Disc containing at least 1-5 images informative images of each of your class projects this term… This will include a couple screen shots highlighting entries of your blog as well.  These images must be high quality jpegs– 300 dpi and at least 1024 pixels in the longest dimension with the exception of screen shots which will be 72dpi and correlate with the size of your computer screen.  Be sure to include images of display as well computer image files and detail shots. It is expected at this level that you know how to take high quality images of your work for your portfolio, but let me know if need help in advance.

Along with this CD of images, you will also include an Image Narrative.  Corresponding to the file labels on your disc you will organize your images by labeling their title, medium, dimensions, and give a 1-3 sentence description of the artworks.  With each entry you should include color thumbnail of the larger image on your disc.  These can be formatted to your liking but make sure you create a nice heading with your Name and never discuss your work as done for a “project” or made by a student—be professional as these entries could be used for future applications, show entries, etc.

Deadline: EXAM: Monday 5/3 3:50pm-5:50pm (we  will also be looking at class blogs at this time)

Melissa Harshman Flyer

Melissa Harshman Visiting Artist Lecture Flyer, ETSU, April 8, 2010

Mark your calenders to attend Melissa Harshman‘s Visiting Artist Lecture at 7:00pm, April 8th, 2010 in Rogers-Stout Hall, room 118.  This will follow the reception for Mountain Visions 2010 at the Reece Museum from 4:30-6:30. Melissa Harshman’s work is inspired by images collected from eclectic sources such as old cookbooks, dictionaries, memo books and other forms of printed ephemera.  Her work combines the use of digital manipulation with traditional printmaking or painting.  She is currently the head of the Printmaking Department in the Lamar Dodd School of Art at The University of Georgia.

The Mary B. Martin School of the Arts at ETSU is sponsoring this lecture.

One Week to Go…


We will be having our final crit for the Correspondence Art Project next Monday, 3/29.  Now that its time to bring your final presentations together, I thought that this show’s installation may give you some added inspiration beyond what’s already been talked about in class.

Aldwyth. From "Work v. / Work n.

www.dailyserving.com (Scroll down to Aldwyth: Work v. / Work n.)

you can check out:

Daily Serving.com, Juxtapoz Magazine, Lens Culture, Journal of Contemporary Art (no pictures but some interesting interviews with artists), Arts Journal, Cabinet Magazine (interesting journal to pick up, but this will give you information on it), Artforum, Art Papers, … and I’m stopping there, but feel free to beginposting sites you’ve found interesting here to share.